Thursday, August 12, 2021


Just a short message to update everyone. This includes all our members and our guests and all our caravan and motorhome visitors.

Firstly the caravan park. We have a new employee called Phil who runs the caravan office on a Tuesday, Ron now does every Wednesday and Thursday, whilst Sammy does Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday. Each will help with queries, answer the phone and emails. The site has been very busy since we opened following the lock down, and there are not many spaces left at weekends until we get into November. Many caravan owners site their van away for the winter, but motor home owners can come in November and December to see the Illuminations as they are shining til the New Year. We have a differential rate for midweek and weekends and also one for the summer and winter, but more of the charges later.

Please ensure you do not attempt to get on the site without one of our staff opening the swing barrier. Your caravan and certainly your motor home will not fit under when closed. People have tried and have ignored the signs and caused damage to their vehicle and to the barrier. The caravan office phone number is 01253 341020 and our email address is

Now the Club. We are gradually getting back to evening entertainment but we are still mindful and Ben of the dangers of this wretched virus. Bar service is back, and our Steward Pete, Asst Steward Anton and Carla and Kate and Ben our glass collector will make you feel welcome as will our resident doorman Gordon on Fridays Saturdays and Mondays. Committee members will cover the door on other nights. Masks are optional whilst walking about but there will still be sanitiser bottles available. It's common sense now as we are all used to restrictions but lets do it gradually. 

Monday is our quiz night with cash prizes, Wednesday is line dancing with LC our tutor, Thursday is our Ballroom and Sequence Dancing, Friday alternates between a record hop on the first Friday and a Rock and Roll Night with a live band on the last Friday and artistes on the other Fridays, Saturday is our Cabaret Night with Bingo and Play the Joker for a possible £1000, and Sunday is our regular Country and Western Night.

All current members will have a free year for subscriptions this year, but please bring your membership card in to be signed.

We look forward to seeing everyone and we are very grateful for your support. The Chancellor has helped with various loans and grants whilst we have been closed, but we are now at the point of starting to have to repay them. We will get there and I want to take this opportunity to thank all the bar staff for keeping us going during the initial relaxations with table service, masks and shields being prevalent. All our committee as well for doing duties under the same trying circumstances. Many businesses will not have survived the past 16 months, we have so stay safe and sane and see you soon.

I shall do a new post regarding prices on the caravan park.

The Secretary

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The committee of the Club wish to thank our caravan staff, Sammy, Ron and Phil for seeing us through the past 16 months when we have been ab...